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Welcome to the heart centre

For your wellness and heart health

The Centre has been set up to provide services to patients suffering from Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) also known as Heart Disease, which includes dysfunctional conditions of the heart, arteries, and veins.

Target Clients and Patients

The health industry comprises of the public, faith based and the private healthcare providers. The private providers sub-sector is made up of the private hospitals and private individual practitioners. The Centre is a private practice and will offer a range of services.Other services will be through referrals by other cardiologists, general practitioners and hospitals within and outside Kenya.

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We are dedicated to building a comprehensive, effective, efficient and affordable cardiovascular health service in Kenya and the East African region.

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We cover a big variety of medical services


for Heart Rhythm disturbances


A whole range of services are offered within the clinic and a personalized approach is emphasized at all times. All the major equipment used in various units of the Centre is available.

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